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Silk printed glass

    Architect needs brilliant design, finally they need us to realize their design concept. We have digital printing line(Dip-Tech) and silk screen printing line, and we have strategic cooperation with Ferro China, certificated ceramic paint will guarantee the enameled glass sustain perfect view forever.
    1. Rich colors: Compared to the traditional screen printing, digital printing has rich colors using a six-color to deploy a variety of colors;
    2. Customer design: No need of silk screen, environmental protect and no waste, just like a printer, so anything designed on the computer can be accurately printed on the glass;
    3. UV: Remain the same bright colors outdoors under direct sunlight for a long time;
    4. Scratch resistance: The ink composition containing glass component , inks and glass were integrated under tempering process, the ink is permanently attached to the surface of the glass
    5. Environmentally friendly materials: Imported digital ink, the ink does not contain lead and chromium, to avoid hazards on the human body and the environment;
    6. Energy Saving: Our digital technology combined with Low E technology, either to meet the designer's design concept, or to be in line with the requirements of building energy efficiency.

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