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Tempered glass

    Toughened or Tempered glass is one kind of safety glass. It is processed by heat strengthening processing and a compressive stress layer is formed on the surface of glass, which has good mechanical properties and capacity of thermal resistance and impact resistance.
1. Safety:When damaged by external force, the glass will be broken into small pieces with obtuse angle like honeycomb, which will reduce the harm to human body.
2. High Strength: Comparing with the same thickness of the normal float glass, the intensity of the tempered glass is 3-5 times of the normal float glass, and the bending resistance is also 3-5 times of the normal float glass.
3. Thermal Stability: It will keep stable quality when temperature varies within 300℃, which is 3 times of the normal float glass.
Equipment and Capacity
    We have five tempering lines with 100,0000m² monthly output, which can satisfy different products and delivery demand. And we have abtained the certificates of EN, AS/NZS, SGCC and SII etc. 
    High quality standard and strict QC system help us gaining good reputation and a worldwide market.


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