Environmental protection enterprises to inspect glass enterp

Into the glass enterprises, environmental law enforcement officers to check what? Next, I'll comb it for you.
Step 1: check the environmental protection information of the enterprise
First, check whether the enterprise has a business license, environmental approvals, inspection and acceptance of basic information, to see whether the existence of enterprises not approved first built, not the first cast of the situation. Secondly, compared with environmental protection materials, on-site inspection of the enterprise production workshop, verification of production equipment, to confirm the existence of expansion. For unlicensed, environmental protection procedures are not complete enterprises will be filing penalties, forced to shut down.
Step two: Production Inspection
The main production process of the glass industry is the raw material ingredients -- - melting - forming - annealing - Test - packaging, check the production process management if there are flaws, such as pollutant collecting mode is reasonable, whether the norms of waste storage, avoid the production management is not perfect and cause the accidental pollution incidents.
Step three: inspection of pollutants and control facilities
The main pollutants in the glass industry for waste gas generated furnace production, this kind of waste gas containing nitrogen oxides, affected by sunlight, temperature difference and other factors, the flue gas will show different degrees of color light yellow. The furnace should be equipped with waste gas collection facilities to ensure that the exhaust gas can be collected completely, and the exhaust gas shall be discharged to the outside of the control facilities after desulfurization and dust control.
In the inspection of pollutants and treatment facilities in the glass industry, the types of fuel used in the kilns and the operation of the control facilities shall be examined with emphasis.
Some glass enterprises also have broken glass cleaning process, inspection will observe whether the waste pipe is in good condition, the waste water is all collected, and control the operation of the facility is normal.
To sum up, environmental inspection is like a doctor's interrogation to check the health status of an enterprise. In this process, "look, smell, ask, cut" are indispensable.
"Look": review the environmental protection information of the enterprise, check the production situation and material usage of the enterprise, and whether there is sensitive material in the enterprise.
"Smell": check whether the enterprise has the residual smell of chemicals.
"Question": inquire about the production status, production process and the use of raw materials.
"Cut": check the dark corner, debris, pollution, production processes, the surrounding pipe drains and lock rooms, etc., to check whether the existence of enterprises conceal "illness" situation.
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